Thursday, October 19, 2017



Utility SynchroObjects It designed for comfort and speed of graphic constructions on different charts of one character. SynchroObjects Clones created objects on all schedules that are running the utility and with the same symbol. As well as synchronously changes their properties.

The utility is easy to use and requires no configuration.

Council: If you frequently access a story - it is recommended to also install schedule a free utility Smart AutoScroll. It will automatically disable the auto scrolling schedule once you begin to view your history.
Council: You might also like a free utility SynchroCharts. It allows you to simultaneously view historical quotes on multiple charts synchronizing schedules on time and timeframe.



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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gold at two week highs on dollar

Gold at two-week highs on the dollar weakening

gold rises
since yesterday, taking advantage of
the weakening of the dollar. On Wednesday
it reached almost two weeks
highs: gold
delivery in June to 11.11 MSK worth $ 1
194.20. Spot gold trading to 11.13 MSK
$ 1 194.99.

precious metal is weakened
and financial and stock markets immediately.
Recall from Monday at the world
bond markets played out strong
volatility. Yesterday again jumped
the yield on 10-year German bonds,
rising to six-month highs,
before stabilizing. Usually
an increase in bond yields
reduces investment demand for
non-interest assets - such as gold.

"The question that
now it faces the gold - hold
whether it is a weak pulse of dollars or
Still, increase of yield on the debt
market again presses on the metal and make
his move away from the psychologically important
the level of $ 2,000 per ounce, "- says
HSBC analyst Dzheyms Stil.
While to all appearances, the dollar and the weak
US macroeconomic impact
gold stronger, supporting him in

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Ruble against dollar becomes more

The ruble against the dollar becomes more expensive for the fourth consecutive session

During trading on Wednesday,
day exchange rate against the dollar is growing rapidly, according to
exchanges - this is the fourth day of strengthening
Russian national currency. In addition, with
Yesterday the ruble began to strengthen
and against the euro. According to experts,
courses movement associated with the tax
period and falling demand for currency.

dollar to 14:16 MSK
57.106 amounted, according
On the Moscow stock exchange in this
the pair USD / RUB traded
at the level of 56.895. The pair EUR / RUB
trading at
62.656 and 62.492 (on the Moscow Stock Exchange).

Analysts say
ruble finally felt his
regains strength and offset currency
flows on the stock exchange in its favor. On
Today, for example, outlined ambitious
transfer to the budget the severance tax and excise taxes.
To do this, exporters and other players
the market will have to sell the currency, which
They stocked up earlier in the hope her

Moreover, against the background of
dollar and euro jump up (at the end of
last year) imports in recent years
substantially reduced and, therefore,
foreign currency for purchases of imported
goods must be less. Demand
currency also fell when the Russian
the company passed the peak of payments on corporate

As a result, today
session on the Moscow stock exchange Dollar
I descended to the level of 56.612 rubles and euros. -
to 62.087 rubles.

Russian forecasts
Analysts quite positive. So,
Andrei Zaitsev of Absolut Bank believes
that the current borders - it is not the limit.
"Expected trading range: 56-58
rub. per dollar. Apparently, the strengthening
rubles due to the echoes of tax
payments and the lack of demand for foreign currency.
However, the fundamental reasons for the
Growth of the Russian currency continues
There are no", - he said.

Another "key
date "for the currency market - March 30,
when companies will pay tax on

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Monday, October 16, 2017

OneTM TrendFinder

OneTM TrendFinder

The indicator uses a complex algorithm for calculating the ratio of RSI and moving averages.

The values ​​of the RSI indicator is used in the calculation of multiple moving averages to detect a trend and neutral zones. The system generates signals based on the interaction of three exponential moving averages (EMA) and RSI.

The signals are displayed on a histogram as red, blue and yellow bars. The blue bar indicates a bullish trend and the possibility of buying. Out of the market should be the appearance of yellow or red bar. Reverse (by a red bar) for the right of sell orders. Yellow bar indicates to the flat state of the market and the inability to determine its future direction. In this case, it is better not to enter the market.

  • trend detection system to avoid the market "noise."

  • Effectively displays trend and to the flat area (red bars indicate a bear market, blue - a bull, yellow - on to the flat).

  • Well suited for Scalping trade.

  • It is not redrawn.

  • It does not change the previous data.

  • Not recalculated.

  • Signals are generated strictly at the close of each bar.

  • It may be part of the advisor.


  • RSI_Period: The number of days for calculation of RSI.

  • Fast_RSI_MA: The period of the fast moving average for RSI.

  • Slow_RSI_MA: Period of slow moving average for RSI.

  • RSI_MA_Method: The moving average method for RSI (default - EMA).

  • -RSI_MA_AppliedPrice: Type RSI prices (by default - the closing price).

  • Up_Color, Down_Color, Neutral_Color: Color bull, bear, and to the flat bars.

  • Up_Width, Down_Width, Neutral_Width: Histogram width.

There are also options of color graphics and types of alerts (pop-up window notification, and email) with the ability to enable / disable.

OneTM TrendFinder

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Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 22.06.

By the end of yesterday, the pair could be close to the support level 1.1164. Today, the pair is trading above the Pivot 1,11524 level. Trading volumes are low. MACD is rising. RSI decreases from perekuplennosti zone boundaries. We are waiting for the growth of the pair to 1.12. Support levels: 1.11383, 1.11109, 1.10968. Resistance Levels: 1.11798, 1.11939, 1.12213

The pair yesterday was able to demonstrate growth in the region of 1.27. Toward the close of the session corrected to 1.2670 where trades so far. In hourly chart pound located above Pivot 1,26549 level but below SMA200. RSI tends upward. MACD slightly reduced. We are waiting for growth to 1.27. Support levels: 1.26079, 1.25416, 1.24946. Resistance Levels: 1.27212, 1.27682, 1.28345

Today, the pair is trading below the level of Pivot 0,75584. On H1 quotes went under the middle line of Bollinger. MACD is increasing slightly. RSI is reduced. Today we expect trading within a narrow range. If the pair will go under 0.75, the forward loss. Support levels: 0.75372, 0.75211, 0.74999. Resistance Levels: 0.75745, 0.75957, 0.76118

The pair is trading below the level of Pivot 0,97309. RSI tends down into the oversold zone. MACD rises from the negative to the positive region. We are waiting for the pair today fall into the area of ​​the third support with subsequent growth up. Support levels: 0.97139, 0.97050, 0.96880. Resistance Levels: 0.97398, 0.97568, 0.97657

The analysis of commodity currencies on June 22

Quotes of oil continues to decline, despite a positive report from the US Department of Energy. Statistics recorded a reduction in stocks of crude oil and its derivatives to 2.451 million barrels, well above forecasts. This has contributed to the short-term strengthening of the position of oil to $ 46.18 per barrel, but later re-quotes updated local minima at $ 44.36. In this regard, OPEC plans to introduce an additional reduction of quotas.

As a result, the oil falling to a 10-month lows quotes pair USD / CAD moved to increase. However, the US dollar was unable to overcome the 1.3350 level, and at the moment the pair shows consolidation below this level. A further fall in the loonie is unlikely due to the rather rigid position of the Bank of Canada, rendering support to the national currency.

The new drop of oil once again a negative impact on the ruble. the dollar first rose above the level of 60 rubles. Despite the decline in crude oil inventories in the US, the volume of most hydrocarbon production continued to rise. If OPEC will come to the decision to change the terms of the new Treaty of Vienna, this can positively affect both the oil and the ruble. In addition, the ruble is supported by a tax period, so during the day expect decrease in pair to the level of 59.50 rubles.

22.06. fundamental analysis

The focus today: Index Core retail sales in Canada

Reserve Bank of New Zealand left interest rates unchanged. The New Zealand dollar strengthened because officials are not worried about currency appreciation. In addition, they noted that the growth prospects of the economy are positive, as are supported by population growth, changes in the budget and ongoing monetary policy.

Petroleum currency weakened after the appearance of data on oil reserves in the United States, which decreased by 2.5 million barrels.

The British pound fluctuated during the North American trading session. On the one hand, investors are worried because of the political instability: the problem of Tereza Mey to create a coalition government, "Breksit" etc.

On the other hand, the Bank of England unexpectedly took a tough stance. Yesterday, Endi Haldeyn, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee announced the "hawkish" view, calling the currency rise. However, let us not forget that the head of the Bank of England Mark Karni does not support the idea of ​​raising rates.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Open lock

Open lock

Advisor reduces loss on open positions and closing of the transaction minus into a plus.

Ability to work in tandem with other advisers. For example, when your advisor has accumulated loss, Open Lock can turn it off and take a job with the transactions themselves.

Methods of money management

  1. Blocking to prevent an increase in the drawdown;

  2. Averaging orders, which are necessary for the closure of the loss;

  3. Partially closed to reduce the load on the deposit.

Averaging orders are opened in small lots, not to load deposit.

Gain according slips used for partial closing distance losing position.

After closing the position averaging Advisor aligns lock.


  • Language - language interface control panel;

  • Magic number - unique number of orders averaging. Should not the same as the magic number of other advisors

  • Maximal lot in average ord (0-not used) - maximum lot, which will open a counselor in an averaging order. When 0 is not limited to the lot

  • Dinamic step - whether to use a dynamic step in the discovery of new orders

    • Not used - do not use

    • Step x Multiplier - a new order will be opened through a step multiplied by a factor (option is only pitch increase ratio should be greater than 1)

  • Maximal step (0-not used) - maximum pitch (pip), which can be set between Averaging orders. When 0 step is not limited. This parameter is used only when the dynamic step.

  • Start work - when to start work with transactions

    • At startup - immediately after the start

    • By drawdown level - after reaching a level of drawdown

  • Drawdown in curr - drawdown size deposit currency (Required if the above selected By drawdown level)

  • Stop another advisors - the ability to stop the work of other advisors in this terminal

    • Not use - do not use this feature

    • Close other charts - close other graphics to disable the work of other advisors (works only when the drawdown level)

  • Time to open orders - time averaging is allowed to open orders

    • All time - Anytime

    • Schedule for opening average ord (24H) - only the specified interval

  • From - hour, with which permitted to trade, if the selected trade scheduled (possible values ​​from 0 to 23)

  • To - h, to which is permitted to trade, if the selected trade scheduled (possible values ​​from 0 to 23)

If the work is planned in the evening until the morning, it is necessary to specify the From: 22 To: 6

If the work is planned in the afternoon, the From: 12 To: 21

Control Panel

  • Blocking - full Blocking positions in financial instruments. If you have opened five lots Buy, the Advisor will open another five lots Sell. Thus loss on account ceases to grow.

  • averaging order

    • lot - lot size for the first transaction

    • Coefficient - the amount by which the lot will increase each subsequent transaction

    • Step - distance between orders pips

    • Direction - which way will be opened averaging warrant

    • Buttons Buy / Sell - Allows you to manually open the averaging warrant

  • Closing orders

    • Selection of orders, It works with the adviser. You can select all orders or a particular. The list displays only the unprofitable orders

    • lot - a lot will be closed from losing trades. If the parameter is 0.2, and the transaction is open lot 1.0, the adviser closes an arm 5 steps

    • Profit - minimum income, which must be at the close of the averaging of the loss-making orders and orders

Advisor removes all levels of SL and TP. This is necessary for correct operation.

When specifying the direction of trade should be established averaging lot more than a lot, which you close.


When you run the advisor to the deal itself opens, which then tries to close with profit.

You can use the buttons at the bottom of the control panel to open additional market orders.

Open lock


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Thursday, October 12, 2017



MULTIGAP - multi-advisor
working for Gap.

gap - the emergence of "gap" between quotations Friday's closing and opening of quotations

When the gap on Monday the deal will be open on the
currency pair, where the maximum gap. The transaction will be opened if the GAP More
porog_gap threshold.

Perhaps the opening of the second additional transaction while driving
prices in the opposite direction by an amount greater porog_otl.

Transactions are closed by stop loss, take profit or
occurrence of certain conditions.

Default used major currency pairs: EURUSD,

You can use up to 10 currency pairs.

settings for
5-digit account:

  • HOUR_START - hour opening of trading on Monday (default 0).

  • porog_gap - threshold gap (at
    Default 200, 4 characters = 20).

  • tp -
    level take profit in paragraphs (170, 4 characters = 17).

  • sl -
    level stop loss in paragraphs (2000, 4 characters = 200).

  • porog_otl - threshold extension
    order (default 340, 4 characters = 34).

  • magic - magic number
    main order.

  • magic2 - magic number
    additional orders.

  • risk - the risk of the interest on
    available free margin level (recommended 1-30).

  • lot -
    Lot trade, is used when the risk<= 0 or risk>100.

  • ind - indication flag (true - display on the screen,
    false - not show).

  • symbol_1 -
    the name of the first trading symbol (for example, EURUSD).

  • torg_1 - if true, the trade of the first character is allowed.
    If false, then no.

  • ...

  • symbol_10 -
    the name of the tenth trading symbol.

  • torg_10 - permit trade
    ten characters.


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SynchroObjects Utility SynchroObjects It designed for comfort and speed of graphic constructions on different charts of one character. Sync...